Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Top 5 Things You Should Know about Japanese bathrooms

Greetings blog folk. Join me on this journey as we go over many of the different features of Japanese bathrooms:

1. Bathrooms can be as high tech or low tech as you want them to be:

From squatting toilets to western toilets to toilets where you can press buttons to rinse your rear end at different temperatures-- you never know what you’re going to find in a Japanese bathroom

2.You can simulate the sound of toilet flushing
I’ve been noticing a remote handle attached to some of the bathroom stalls I’ve been in at malls and grocery stores that include a music note as one of the symbols. I thought this was for “therapeutic toilet music” but upon further inspection I found out that it was the sound of toilets flushing. When I questioned the usage of this to one of my friends in Osaka she replied “ Some Japanese people feel uncomfortable with their bodily functions so they have noises to cover that up. Isn’t it ridiculous?”

3.There is anti-bacterial soap in the stalls with which you may clean the toilet seat for you to clean the toilet seat. Wow.
See attached photo of directions on how to perform:

4.Some toilet seats are heated ☺

I can’t explain guys you just have to trust me on the fact that you can really feel the difference.


Western toilets are toilets that we in the states are used to. All the above information might be included in the settings of a western toilet but Japanese toilets are floor toilets where you squat down to perform you bathroom needs. Males and females both have Japanese toilets but from my experience they are just as common as western toilets. Sometimes they are marked on the door before you go into public stalls, but not always. It is an experience with trying.

For more information on one of Japan's largest toilet brands check out
Toto's site


  1. The only comparison I have for heated toilet seats is heated bathroom floors. They surprise you when you walk on them but then you really like them.

    In Denmark, we also have toilet seat sanitizer!

    I had heard about the flushing sounds but I didn't know that squat toilets still existed. I think this is due in our perception of Japan as an robotic city of the future and high tech toilets fit right into this.

  2. This was really an interesting topic and I kinda agree with what you have mentioned here!